New Holland Honeyeater New Holland Honeyeater + G. acanthifolia   (Anne Bowman)

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." Mahatma Gandhi

Like ramparts round the valley's edge
The tinted cliffs are standing,
With many a broken wall and ledge,
And many a rocky landing.
And round about their rugged feet
Deep ferny dells are hidden
In shadowed depths, whence dust and heat
Are banished and forbidden.

That's an extract from "The Blue Mountains"    (Henry Lawson, c. 1896).

The Blue Mountains landscape, fauna and flora have long been the inspiration of many works of art. Art includes not only painting, engraving and drawing, but writing, music and photography. All of our creative forms.

Aboriginal cultural heritage

The deep and ongoing cultural heritage of the Aboriginal people of the Greater Blue Mountains is acknowledged with great respect. This rich heritage of artwork goes back many thousands of years, given life on rock walls, as objects and on objects, in songs and stories, on human bodies and other media. Today, local Aboriginal culture is strongly expressed in numerous forms of art.

It is not appropriate for the makers of this website, as non-Aboriginal people, to present Aboriginal artwork, history or culture. We hope we may be able to include such content in the future, with the involvement of appropriate Aboriginal artists and knowledge holders.

Valley of the Grose "Valley of the Grose" [Govetts Leap]
(Conrad Martens, 1839)
Aboriginal Rock Engraving "Aboriginal Rock Engraving (emu)"
photo by: Nakia Belmer



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