Didjeridu Dingo Didjeridu Dingo

Didjeridu Dingo is six people who have all worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Service running activities for visitors (the Discovery program):

◦  Michael Jackson
◦  Wayne Brennan
◦  Eddie Fisher
◦  Tony Garbellini
◦  Richard Delaney
◦  Lester Ives.

Soakin' the View Soakin' the View CD Cover
Their music is rooted in the Blue Mountains environment. To quote their own material:
"We're coming up with different harmonies, different rhythms, constantly pushing the didgeribone™ to see how far it can go. The music can be described as earthy, wild, a fusion of world music, tribal funk, folk with a hint of rock and blues.

Despite the diverse roots, the music is very much of place - the Blue Mountains. It expresses our feelings about the landscape. There are pieces about specific issues such as Waiting for Rain (bush fires) and Swingin' the Cat (feral animals) but many, like Soakin' the View, celebrate the serenity, the sufficiency of simply being there."

The Didgeribone™

The didgeribone™ is the multi-toned didjeridu and horn instrument. It consists of two parts, one inside the other.

By blowing with a loose lip embouchure and sliding the smaller diameter pipe within the larger pipe the didje player can play in a wider range of didjeridu notes in a musical piece.

By altering the embouchure and blowing as you would for trumpet, the didgeribone™ can be played as a horn instrument with two or more octaves of horn.

These horns are highlighted on "Narrow Neck" (featured below, from their album Soakin' the View).

Narrow Neck  

Soakin' the View  

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