Masked Devil Cicada Masked Devil Cicada  (Anna Marshall)
About Anna
Anna Marshall Anna Marshall
I was born in Singapore, and grew up in Buckinghamshire, northwest of London, England.

I taught myself calligraphy and illuminated lettering for a school holiday project and won a few art awards at local art shows.

Carnivale 2016 Carnivale 2016
In 1963 I emigrated to Tasmania with my husband and baby son. With family and work commitments there was little time for art.

However, in 1984, when my husband was overseas for six months and both children were at university, my love of art was rekindled.

I have attended courses at Roseville Art Centre, the summer and winter schools in Toowoomba and Bathurst, and was a member of the Hornsby Art Society.

I have won various art awards over the years, and have won awards for embroidery and toy and doll making at the Royal Easter and Castle Hill Shows.

After retirement and moving to Leura, I joined the Society of Mountain Artists and the Blackheath Art Society, both of which are a source of new friends, new ideas, and incentives to explore all areas of painting.

The various media I have used: Acrylic and watercolour painting, embroidery, fabric wall hangings (there is one behind me in the photo), Pokerwork (burning patterns into wood) and Doll making.

Recent publications include books of my original watercolour paintings of Katoomba and Lithgow.

Anna can be contacted at this email address.

More of Anna's art can be found on the Society of Mountain Artists' website.

Anna's publications
The Hidden Treasures of Katoomba
The Hidden Treasures of Katoomba

Original Watercolour Paintings of Katoomba St. Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.

This publication highlights many of the facades, architectural and decorative features of some of the buildings in this street as well as providing an interesting historical record of an era.

Lithgow Picturesque Cottages
Lithgow Picturesque Cottages

Original Watercolour Paintings of some early Lithgow Cottages. Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.

This publication provides an interesting visual perspective on a social aspect of Lithgow, including Art Deco examples as distinct from the Industrial and Business past of Lithgow.

Zander Zebra's Zany Zoo Alphabet
Zander Zebra's Zany Zoo Alphabet
Paintings and calligraphy by Anna Marshall; Verses by Tessa Marshall

I made an animal alphabet book for each of the grandchildren. This time I wanted to make most of the animals more colourful to give them some eccentricity.

I gave Tessa a list of the animals and asked her to write alliterative verse to go with each one, something she was very good at.

The aim of the book is to have parents read the verses out loud to get the children used to long words, and grow up having a love of language and playing with words.

Zander Zebra's Mouse Zander Zebra's Mouse Zander Zebra's Mouse Mouse
Mild mannered, mellow Maximilian Mouse
     Morphed into a masterful magician,
Making marvellous musical melodies
     With his many multi talented musicians.

Anna's art

Here's some of Anna's art that while not about Blue Mountains nature, shows her considerable talent.