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Jim Low is a singer/songwriter and author who lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He was born and raised in North Sydney, leaving the district in 1970 to begin a teaching career. in the country.

It is said that he creates and sings songs that get to the heart of the story, entertain and beg to be listened to again. He has a deep interest in Australian history having written books, articles, and school learning materials on Australian themes .Jim has performed his songs in clubs, restaurants, concerts and festivals. He has released a number of cds and his music has been played throughout Australia and used in documentaries.

"Jim’s songs deserve to be heard," respected folklorist and performer Warren Fahey OAM says. "They are genuine story songs that have a direct link to this land and this precious culture of ours. In many ways the songs link us to our history in the same way traditional songs served us in allowing us to record our emotional history."

As well-known singer/songwriter Gary Shearston says: 'Jim travels gently, digs out rich nuggets of Australiana, observes them acutely and with compassion, and then puts his historical vignettes to melodies that pass 'the old grey whistle test' with distinction. Go with him on his travels. I think you'll enjoy the journey.'

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Journey's End  

Across the Blue Mountains CD Cover "Across the Blue Mountains" CD Cover
Jim Low's music, poetry and articles

You will find more information about Jim's music, poetry and articles, including more music tracks, here.

There you can buy his latest CD - "Journey's End" - and contact Jim.

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